🎤 Talks

A list of lectures or invited talks that I’ve given with links to slides or recording if available:


Spotlight talk at the Alan Turing Institute’s Uncertainty Quantification for Generative Models Workshop. Slides
Presentation for DeepMind’s AI for Science team. Slides
Reading group on Scalable Approaches to Self-Supervised Learning using Spectral Analysis in CBL in Cambridge. Notes
Tutorial on Score-based generative modelling and Introduction to ongoing research for SUMO at Ghent University. Slides (PDF).


Tea talk at CBL Cambridge on “How in-context learning of transformers can be cast as Bayesian inference”. Slides
Generative Models and Uncertainty Quantification (GeNU) in Copenhagen. Slides
Gaussian Process Summer School in Sheffield. Slides
Research Talk at CBL in Cambridge on Spherical Gaussian Processes. Slides
Reading group on Diffusion models in CBL in Cambridge. Slides


Spotlight talk: probprog 2021
AI for the study of Environmental Risks (AI4ER). Guest lecture on Gaussian process models and their applications. Slides
StatML Oxford/Imperial College PhD program: Guest lecture on Variational Gaussian processes.


ICML 2020 on Spherical harmonic features in Gaussian processes. Slides
AISTATS 2020 on Deep Convolutional Gaussian Processes Slides
Microsoft Research Cambridge: Research Spotlight.
Lancaster University: Workshop on Simulations for Climate Modelling.